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What People Say

What People Say

“I had the pleasure of working with Vivienne O’Keeffe for over 7 years. Vivienne was our Spa Consultant for a multi spa group. Throughout the years she helped our organization do many things from start-ups, shut downs, product development, re-branding, renovations and implementing of all spa systems. At my location Sante Victoria, she provided support, coaching and many insights into the spa industry. Her understanding of the industry and leadership skills are second to none. She brings such a wealth of experience and is able to teach it in an inspiring and empowering way. My team always cherished any of their visits with Vivienne. We often find ourselves asking what would Vivienne do. I am truly grateful for all she taught me in my first Spa Director role and I have no doubt my growth and our business growth would not be what it is today without Vivienne’s guidance. During our time together we renovated, re-branded, changed our spa culture, added in spa systems, certified in Spa Quality (ISO 9000 standard) grew the business substantially year over year and turned our spa into profitability. If you are a new owner, re-branding, re-building, or need to turn over a new leaf, look no further she is one of the best in the industry and will add great value to your business.” ~Jen Spencer, Spa Director, Sante Spa Victoria


“Vivienne O’Keeffe of Spa Profits is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and her approach is both inspiring and effective. She is more than an industry expert, she understands people and that combination is dynamite. I was the Accounting Director for a group of spas that engaged Spa Profits to assist with a start-up operation initially. Vivienne quickly proved her value and her services were retained for several years to assist in general operations and special projects. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Vivienne.” ~Janet Carmichael, Accounting Director, Sante Medical


“From the inception to every aspect of the procedures and policies of the spa, she has set the standard which Body Blitz will always follow. Her value is priceless, and I, as the owner of Body Blitz, will continue to include Vivienne O’Keeffe in all my current and future plans. Thank you, Vivienne!” ~Laura Polley, Owner and President, Body Blitz Spa


“Vivienne holds qualities that in combination are very rare, making her remarkable and valuable. Vivienne’s vast industry-specific experience has rightfully positioned her in the upper echelon of spa business consultants globally. In addition to her expertise though, Vivienne possesses an innate personal belief system that she employs very naturally on a daily basis. That is, the wisdom in knowing when you put people first, the rest will come. With her humanness and moral fiber fully intact, you will see a listener, a visionary and a grounded councilor. When there is work to be done, you will see a spirited, fiercely committed woman with the greatest fortitude and strength of character I have ever seen. Vivienne is a rare commodity worth investing your future in.”~Leslie Lyon, President and Founder, Spas2b


“Now it is not only the Spa industry benefiting from Vivienne O’Keeffe’s wisdom, talents and expertise. It was over a year ago, that I asked Vivienne to help me develop the concept of my business as an alternative healer and shaman. I worked with two other experts before and it was not happening. I felt rushed to engage in tasks without having built a sound structure. Vivienne worked with me step by step until my business materialized. I am so grateful because Vivienne understood that there are processes that can’t be rushed. This business is my life, in the sense that it is the expression of my purpose and mission. It took time for the concept to be ripe. She patiently and skillfully guided me to further develop my ideas until the perfect concept was finally ready. I am so thankful for Vivienne, not just for the work she has done helping me with the birth of my business, but because she continues guiding me as my business consultant.” ~Elizabeth Alanis, Founder of Love Into Wholeness, New York, NY


“In opening a high-end day spa, one needs a detailed management structure that encompasses staffing, marketing and utilization of the physical plant. O’Keeffe is capable of all of this, and is very well connected in the industry, across the country and internationally; a networking advantage that is very useful. Our experience with Spa Profits Consulting Inc. was extremely positive. We have confidence in their work, and will use them again.” ~Dr Peter Fransblow


“Vivienne was a big asset in the development of our spa. From her financial and operational planning, sourcing of equipment and products and the recruitment of our spa director, Vivienne made the process seamless.”~Mr. Michael Kalmar, Owner, The Old Mill Inn, Toronto


“I sought to work with Vivienne O’Keeffe and Spa Profits Consulting because she has a stellar reputation and deep experience in the spa industry. She has the highest standards I know for helping other achieve their goals and dreams in their own business. She understands and promotes the concept that creating a profitable business allows the spa to give the best service to the client, create amazing employment opportunities, and be a valued part of a community. I had the pleasure of working with her both on location and from her office. She exudes warm professionalism, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and inspiration, and she treats her client’s projects with utmost confidentiality. She has global resources, pulling in unique and forward thinking concepts for spas, large or small. I will gladly work with Vivienne again given the opportunity, as I feel confident no stone would be left unturned, from systems to concepts to treatments, cutting edge equipment, and all the things that are not even on most people’s radar – she thinks of everything, making sure you are not left vulnerable and can focus on the part of the business you enjoy most.” ~Brooke Taylor LAc, MAcOM


“From the initial phone consultation, Vivienne and her associates literally took us by the hand and led us, step by step, through the great unknowns of opening our first day spa. Starting with the development of our concept and turning it into reality was truly amazing. Vivienne, along with her team, produced such a work of art that taking the business plan to the bank was truly invigorating (the bank loved the business plan so much they did not want to return it). With the finances secured relatively easily, the spa layout and equipment procurements were equally painless. Not only did they have ideas on how the layout should look, they listened very carefully to us and to what we wanted the end product to look like. With continued support throughout construction, all the way to personally training the staff, Spa Profits Inc. helped us succeed in creating a very successful business. We are working on setting up a second location, and Vivienne O’Keeffe, along with her very capable associates, are right by our sides. They are a great asset; we are using them now and we will be using them in the future.” ~James Gutzke, Owner, Meridian Day Spa


“Vivienne is perhaps the most internationally and broadly knowledgeable person I know with respect to the spa and wellness industry. Vivienne is the only person I called to fill the role of raising the bar in terms of international education. She made me look very smart with that decision.”   ~Jack Morrison, past President of Leading Spas of Canada


“We needed a consultant for a TV commercial in a spa setting. Vivienne not only provided expert guidance regarding correct massage attire, setup and techniques, but also many of the physical props we needed including decor, towels and bedding. On set, she was totally professional, courteous and diplomatic. The spot turned out great. I cannot imagine how we could have done it without her.” ~Jim Colbert, Owner, Colbert Creative Communication Inc.


“To describe Vivienne and her work with the Spa Industry Association of Canada is to say she is a dedicated visionary. Vivienne’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication have been instrumental in assuring the success of the spa program. The SIAC is indebted to her for this and her ongoing advocacy for the maintenance and implementation of high standards throughout the spa industry.” ~Diane Sparrow, Riverstone Spa


“Since 2005, Vivienne O’Keeffe has consistently demonstrated her commitment to helping spas attain performance excellence in her role as a SpaQuality Certified Consultant. Through attention to detail and dedication to leading and improving the spa industry, she has guided spa professionals in developing their spas’ Quality Systems to ensure that their guests experience a tranquil and safe environment and are treated with genuine caring. SpaQuality LLC is proud to recognize Vivienne as a Senior SpaQuality Certified Consultant.” ~Julie Register, SpaQuality


“Vivienne O’Keeffe has been my coach and mentor for over a decade, supporting me on my business and personal journey, always grounding my thought processes and decision- making in truth, integrity, and honesty. Vivienne’s unique combination of vision, business acumen, and spirituality has been integral in the success of my business, supporting its alignment and development with the essence of who I am, enabling me to be authentic in my service delivery.” ~Rachel Foster


“I had the good fortune of meeting Vivienne O’Keefe twenty one years ago when my skincare clinic was in its infancy. From that day forward Vivienne has been, in so many ways, my secret sage providing me with consult, support and advice. Her experience in skin care and wellness is a deep and rich well of wisdom to draw from. Vivienne is committed to providing outstanding quality to all of her services including education in wellness. Vivienne has always provided my clients and I trustworthy, confidential, and wholistic guidance. I would highly recommend Vivienne’s council.” ~Brenda Sawatsky, About Face Skin Care


“I started a new business Danah Waxing just this year. It’s been a tough go trying to find the right place for my business to be in. Speaking with Vivienne is the best thing that I could have done. I must say before I was feeling very discouraged. Now my business has a new home with great possibilities and potential for growth. Vivienne has helped me to find my niche (specializing in men’s waxing services) but not excluding the ladies. I will continue to seek and use Vivienne’s advise throughout.” ~Shazeeda Ali, Danah Waxing


“Vivienne is AWESOME, she is a genuinely caring person and she goes the distance for her clients. Experience and knowledge shows, and she has both experience and knowledge. Her insights, advice, support and counsel have made a difference in my business. I strongly recommend Vivienne!” ~Barry Lucas


“Vivienne’s long association with, and in-depth knowledge of the needs of the international spa industry, assured us that the end product would greatly enhance the quality of student we could deliver into the industry. It was a pleasure to work with Vivienne and her very capable team of professionals; we are enormously pleased with the quality of the finished product.” ~Jack Morrison, Managing Director, Elmcrest College (Now Bryan College)