Team Building for Spa Staff

Team Building for Spa Staff

“Authenticity springs from a common purpose to serve a higher good – such as creating a clean, conscious space to promote the well-being of every spa customer. When all stakeholders share an earnest commitment to delivering a truly restorative rejuvenating experience, authenticity flourishes.” – Vivienne


How can team building help?

The prize for achieving healthy staff/team cohesion and synchronization is personally and commercially very worth-while. Much negative, time-wasting, energy-dissipating and counter-productive activity can be avoided by a team that truly works together.

Strategic team building increases client retention and satisfaction, staff retention, profit margins and can decrease operating costs. What a plus this achievement represents for a competitive advantage in the marketplace!


Emotional contagion—how our energy forms the atmosphere

The atmosphere in a spa is palpable whether you are aware of it or not. Tension and frustration can be experienced by your employees and guests—consciously or unconsciously.

We all know what it is like to experience the energy of a boss who is angry; the toxic spill of this emotion in the spa is catastrophic to the environment and has a deleterious effect on employees and guests/spa goers. In contrast, authentic heartfelt smiles have the opposite effect on the nervous system of the recipient. We track the internal landscape of the people we are with.

The building blocks of team buildingSuccessful spa businesses start from within with conscious leaders, who give birth to engaged employees/team members, who in turn innately want to facilitate restorative experiences for the guests/clients.

The spa industry provides employment for large numbers of individuals drawn from different walks of life, cultural backgrounds and educational experiences. Each individual presents with a unique set of perceptions and style, deriving from standards and values acquired from their experiences in life.

Such rich individuality and inherent potential among industry professionals demands a positive, patient and imaginative nurturing by visionary and dynamic leadership, in order to create and maintain a functional team environment – one which is committed to delivering a consistent spa experience for the client.


Customers want genuine interactions with genuine brands and genuine people

In the spa business, the roots of authenticity need to be cultivated into an invisible network beneath the surface, respecting and honouring all stakeholders.

Today’s customers easily pick up on negative moods of therapists lacking adequate support. Many caregivers in our industry spend so much time and energy learning to care for others, they never learn to care for themselves. By the same token, lack of consideration for staff results in burnout, disillusionment, resentment, anger, martyrdom or a victim mentality – eroding the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of the individual while also negatively affecting guests.


What we provide

Vivienne conducts a holistic (360 degree) assessment prior to tailoring a team building session. As with all our work each solution is made to measure in response to specific opportunities for growth identified in the assessment. The outcome is a more congruent team who unite with the authentic purpose/vision.


“Vivienne O’Keeffe of Spa Profits is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and her approach is both inspiring and effective. She is more than an industry expert, she understands people and that combination is dynamite. I was the Accounting Director for a group of spas that engaged Spa Profits to assist with a start-up operation initially. Vivienne quickly proved her value and her services were retained for several years to assist in general operations and special projects. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Vivienne.” ~Janet Carmichael, Accounting Director, Sante Medical

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