Spa Concept Discussion

Spa Concept Discussion


Identifying for your future spa:
• An authentic vision 
• Point of differentiation  


When you approach us with your idea of starting a spa, Step 1 of our 4-step process will be to meet with you (via Zoom or in person) and listen to your vision. The concept development discussion is an exciting meeting where you get to articulate your thoughts, your objectives and why you feel called to open a spa or wellness facility. This helps us define a suitable community, market, appropriate location, and square footage for your spa business, to mention a few key requirements. We also provide you with more therapeutic depth to consider for the concept and feedback on the viability of your idea.


Spa authenticity

Our aim is to curate a wellness space that is authentic and aligned with your vision; a vision so clear that it will direct every decision you will make about every detail in your spa. This creates a powerful synergy between your concept, the location of your spa, and the community in which it is based.


Spa differentiation

The spa concept stage is one of the most important steps in our 4-step spa development process, as it allows us to identify the key point of differentiation for your spa – what will make your spa unique and stand out from those competing for the attention of your target consumers.

The unique quality of your spa will pervade the development process; it will drive the location selection, spa design, therapeutic programming and guest experience. In this way its influence will be woven into the authentic framework of your future customer’s journey.