Succeed in Spa Retail

Succeed in Spa Retail

Retail concepts and trends can be confusing:
• How to improve margins?
• How to merchandize effectively?
• How to improve sales to service ratios?
• What are omni-channel retail requirements?
• What is adequate retail compensation?
• Inappropriate inventory losing sales?


Is your spa retail area successful and profitable?

Are you wondering why your retail sales are not growing or showing a profit? Perhaps you have trained your team over and over, only to see a slight improvement before everything slides back to low retail performance.

Or maybe you wish your retail could keep pace with the mushrooming of spa products selling in unlikely places such as grocery and drug stores, flower shops, ferries and in-flight boutiques? We can help you maximize the bottom line of your spa or wellness facility by reengineering the experience of your retail area, so it reaches its full potential as an extension of the treatments you offer at your spa. Consider…


What makes people buy spa products?

Spa consumers buy spa products to prolong the benefits of their in-spa treatment; fulfilling their deep desire for results, wellness and self-care. At your spa they have just had a positive experience of personal touch combined with exquisite professional spa products. By recommending the appropriate home care products in your retail boutique, you can reinforce and extend your clients’ pleasurable experience. This activates a process called neurological connectivity.


Succeed in spa retail with relationships and neurological connectivity

Gone are the days when we in the spa business can get by simply displaying beautiful bottles and boxes on our shelves. Today’s wellness consumer demands more engagement, education and involvement in her or his spa wellness experience; and too many spas are missing the boat by failing to understand and benefit from touch-trust-bond connections. We can help you deploy neurological connectivity to deepen the ties between your spa treatments and retail sales fortifying client retention and loyalty.


Improve spa retail profits by choosing the right elements

Spa Retail Area
A couple of the many improvements you can make when reengineering are choosing lighting and human resources with care as they can dramatically affect the success of your retail area. Spa clients are generally sensitive to non-verbal cues; they may avoid a spa boutique made uninviting by lighting that is dull and staff that are so interested in preening themselves that they miss the vital body language cues that would enable them to care for the needs of inquisitive customers.


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How we can help

First, we can help you assess the weak links in the multi-sensory necklace of your spa retail experience such as do you have the right product lines for your concept, location and customer base?

Second, with our 20+ years’ experience in the spa retail business, we can help you pinpoint which opportunities to pursue for your unique facility. Then we can help you with every step of the process, for example staff training and procedures, as you work towards success in your retail.


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