Start a spa

Start a spa

Do you have a vision of starting a spa?
• A day spa
• A medical spa
• A mineral spring spa
• A high-end wellness facility in a hotel or resort
• A natural setting offering guests connection and rejuvenation


On your path to realizing your spa dream and navigating the complexities of successful spa development, engaging an expert spa consultant will become one of your most important decisions.

An experienced spa consultant has been at the coal face of spa development for a number of years and knows what is required to make a spa successful, providing valuable direction in areas such as functionality, guest experience and profitability; helping you avoid pitfalls. Unwitting design mistakes, for example, can be avoided when you have an expert to oversee development. I have seen a Vichy shower room designed without heat; so cold that it was unusable unless a space heater with two extension cords was placed in the wet area – creating multiple risk factors!

The initial stage in our consulting process is a business idea review to assess your needs and discern the most suitable next steps necessary to achieve your objectives. After this, we help you through our proven 4-step process:


1. Spa concept discussion

The creation of a unique wellness spa concept is one of the most important steps in the process, as it will be a key point of differentiation and it will drive the spa design, therapeutic programming and guest experience. Our aim is to curate a wellness space that is authentic and aligned with your vision in every detail; one that works in its location and community.


2. Spa feasibility assessment

A visit to your proposed spa locale allows us to review target market, demographics, psychographics, proposed location(s), competition, and natural resonance, which need to be in alignment with your spa concept.


3. Spa business plan

A good business plan will enable you to approach the bank for funding. Even if you are not seeking an investor, your spa business plan will act as a blueprint from opening day onward; from operations, to marketing, to financial statements.


4. Spa wellness facility development

This is the implementation phase where we transform your business plan into reality. The result is a ready-to-go business – your fully turnkey operational facility.


“I have had the pleasure and honour of working with Vivienne for the last 14 years, since I opened my medi-spa on the North Shore. Vivienne’s passion for her work, her uniqueness in delivering the best outcomes for her clients and her uncanny ability to listen to the needs of her clients makes Vivienne the most outstanding spa consultant in BC, if not in Canada. Thanks Vivienne for helping me take my business to the next level and providing tremendous opportunities for me as well as my staff.
You are the best!” ~Dr. Shehla Ebraham

“I sought to work with Vivienne O’Keeffe and Spa Profits Consulting because she has a stellar reputation and deep experience in the spa industry. She has the highest standards I know for helping others achieve their goals and dreams in their own business. She understands and promotes the concept that creating a profitable business allows the spa to give the best service to the client, create amazing employment opportunities, and be a valued part of a community. I had the pleasure of working with her both on location and from her office. She exudes warm professionalism, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and inspiration, and she treats her client’s projects with utmost confidentiality. She has global resources, pulling in unique and forward thinking concepts for spas, large or small. I will gladly work with Vivienne again given the opportunity, as I feel confident no stone would be left unturned, from systems to concepts to treatments, cutting edge equipment, and all the things that are not even on most people’s radar – she thinks of everything, making sure you are not left vulnerable and can focus on the part of the business you enjoy most.” ~ Brooke Taylor, LAc MAcOM

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