Spa Water Therapy

Spa Water Therapy

The sensation of water surrounding the body is almost a primordial longing. Water spas can help us fulfill this longing; in fact, the very word “spa” is an acronym derived from the latin “salus per aquam” or health through water.


Water therapy for stress

Stress remains the primary driver for spa goers nowadays and as they become more educated, they will seek the benefits of wellness hydrothermal treatments which come in many forms. For example, contrast water therapy – alternating hot and cold water on the body – can powerfully energize. It can wash away a spa guest’s exhaustion stemming from busyness, technology overload, sleep deprivation, hormonal changes or jet lag.

Water is the fountain of life. As a child, I made many trips with my family to “take the waters” as a means of healing injury and promoting wellbeing. Water’s use in healing dates back to at least the 3rd century and it spans the globe – from Japan’s ritual bathing in onsens (springs), to Roman baths, to native American sweat lodge ceremonies.

What unites all the following hydrotherapy treatments are water’s physical properties – such as temperature, pressure and mineral content – which help the body relax and rejuvenate.


Hydrotherapy treatment types

  • Cold plunge pool: stimulates circulation
  • Snow chamber: energizes and rejuvenates
  • Onsen pool: relaxes muscles and helps joint mobility
  • Watsu therapy (with therapist): relaxes muscles and helps joint mobility
  • Vitality pool: relaxes muscles and helps joint range of movement
  • Flotation chamber: offers stress and pain relief
  • Thalassotherapy (seawater/seaweed): relaxes nervous system, reduces skin irritation, energizes
  • Balneotherapy (mineral/thermal/spring water): relaxes, improves circulation, stimulates immune system, detoxifies
  • Hamam/Hammam (steam and soap massage): stimulates circulation, cleanses, detoxifies
  • Kneipp therapy (contrast walk therapy): stimulates circulation and wellbeing
  • Sauna and steam room are often also offered on a water spa menu


Aqua therapy increases spa traffic

Spa aqua therapy experiences increase spa traffic and profitability when they are functionally and experientially designed, and well maintained. Conversely, each negative experience, such as water dripping on your head when lounging in a steam room or water jets that massage in the wrong places, can decrease traffic and kill retention.

It is vital when setting up a new water journey, therefore, to enlist expert consultants who understand the synergistic workings and complexities that make up a therapeutic water experience. Helping you establish best practices from the beginning, ensure each component works seamlessly and dovetails with safe architectural elements, the guest flow processes all form part of our areas of expertise.

Take a look at our design for Body Blitz, Canada’s first urban water spa.



“From the inception to every aspect of the procedures and policies of the spa, she has set the standard which Body Blitz will always follow. Her value is priceless, and I, as the owner of Body Blitz, will continue to include Vivienne O’Keeffe in all my current and future plans. Thank you, Vivienne!” ~ Laura Polley, Owner and President, Body Blitz Spa