Spa risk management

Spa risk management


A good risk management system will
– Protect your clients
– Protect your staff
– Protect your investment and your business


How a risk management system can help you

A spa risk management system is essential. It helps you to be proactive at protecting your clients and your business. It can help arm you – tell you what to do – when faced with unplanned events that can disrupt your operation and have a material impact on your business. A good risk management strategy sets out best practices and protocols for you and your team to follow.


Risk assessment scheduling

A spa facility needs to be assessed for risk at the pre-opening stage and evaluated regularly thereafter. How often will depend on the size and type of spa and available budget. 


Benefits of a third-party risk assessment by a spa consultant

Doing your own risk assessment in your wellness facility allows you flexibility in how frequently you perform risk reviews and encourages engagement from the staff doing the review. Hiring a consultant to assess your spa, especially at the pre-opening stage, is invaluable as the consultant offers you objectivity and a birds-eye view of the business. In our experience, a hybrid of these two approaches is most beneficial for ongoing regular assessment.  

How we can help

Vivienne can perform initial and ongoing risk assessments for your spa. She has over 24 years experience in all areas of the spa industry and understands the vast scope of the risk assessment process. We will help you set up a spa risk management system that is unique to your needs and one that can remain dynamic throughout the life of your business. 

Vivienne’s risk management experience spans numerous speaking engagements, articles and publication including:

  • Speaker on risk management – at International Spa Association (ISPA)
  • Speaker on risk management –  at Leading Spas of Canada (numerous times)
  • Contributor to Risk Management for Spas – for ISPA and Resort Hotel Association online course 

Contact Vivienne to discuss your business needs and see how a risk management system can benefit your business.


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