Spa Quality Management Systems

Spa Quality Management Systems


– Inconsistency is the enemy of spa quality
– How does a spa offer consistency to every guest?
– How does a spa offer consistency every time?
– A spa quality management system can give you consistency


Benefits of a spa quality management system

A spa quality management system will positively impact how you operate and manage your spa or wellness facility. It is possible to implement one whatever the size of your wellness facility or the extent of your resources. Growing your spa beyond a certain level will only be possible with a good spa quality management system. Moreover, a spa quality management system is vital to manage and mitigate risk throughout the life of your business.

A quality system will send your spa on an upward trajectory which will:

  • facilitate effective training
  • create confident and calm staff
  • improve guest/client satisfaction
  • generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations
  • increase market share
  • prevent chaos in your facility and resulting staff burnout
  • lower costs and reduce wastage


What is a spa quality management system?

A spa quality management system is a formal system that replaces reactivity in the business with stability. It is a process that allows you to review your services, operations and products, with the aim of finding areas that need improvement and establishing consistency. A spa quality management system refers to both the process and the quality products and services you create with it.


Can I set up a quality system in an existing spa?

Yes, you can implement a quality system if your spa is already up and running. Your business may have been operating for many years with a clientele, yet you may find yourself unable to grow the business any further and you feel as though you are running around in circles trying to keep up. A spa quality management system can help your spa grow and relieve pressure on management and staff.


Grow by using a good quality management system

A good spa quality management system will facilitate growth of your guest and team experience. It will clearly communicate standards of care to staff, which allows them to generate consistent experiences for your clients. The enhanced environment of your wellness facility and consistent quality of your service delivery, products and operational procedures will draw new guests and instill client loyalty, driving your spa business upward towards success. It will also attract high-level, dedicated spa professionals who need an organized environment to thrive.


How we can help

We can help you set up a good spa quality management system that will be dynamic and responsive to the unique needs of your business. We have over 20 years’ experience in spa quality systems. Since certifying as the first Spa Quality consultants in North America, we have set up quality systems in many spas and wellness facilities that have resulted in successful business growth with happy spa owners and staff. Contact Vivienne to discuss your business needs and see how a spa quality management system can benefit your business.



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