Confidential Spa Coaching

Confidential Spa Coaching

– Are you frustrated with your growth?
– Do you know in your bones you can do better?
– Do you feel more like a fire fighter than a spa director?
– Do you want to materialize your vision for your team and spa?
– Do you feel like you are a lone wolf?
– Do you long to have clarity and achieve your objectives?


Spa industry-specific coaching program:
motivation, support & guidance

Confidential Spa Coaching—my coaching program—gives you a safe, confidential space to discuss what is holding you and your spa business back from thriving or from getting going. During our coaching time together, I will act as your sounding board and confidante, helping you to realize your vision. Confidential Coaching has helped entrepreneurs like you in the wellness industry to address roadblock issues and then move forward to grow their businesses.


Entrepreneurs have unique challenges

Entrepreneurs in the spa business need someone to bounce ideas and problems off, particularly for issues such as human resources. Spa owners and directors need to maintain their role as a leader in order to demonstrate authentic leadership. Leadership can be isolating, though, and lack of experience or confidence can drive leaders to befriend spa team members, which weakens their position when needing to act in matters of moral responsibility. A sounding board such as a spa coach can be an invaluable resource, providing a compassionate ear and skilled guidance when difficult action needs to be taken.


How working one-on-one with Spa Advisor, Vivienne, has helped

  • I’ve helped a psychotherapist put together a healing retreat program for emotionally abused women. She finds it very helpful to have a sounding board to build her vision and business with sustainability and self-care.
  • I have helped birth the vision of many wellness entrepreneurs who were starting with just a vague sense of what was possible.
  • I’ve had confidential and private conversations with spa owners and operators to help them identify problem areas and have the courage to take the actions necessary. In turn, this fortified and unified their team’s commitment to their vision.


Who is the coaching program designed to help?

The coaching program is designed for spa owners and operators who are committed to improving/expanding their business and are open to receiving forthright guidance from Vivienne and benefiting from 24-plus years of spa wellness knowledge, wisdom, experience and expertise.

As a spa owner and operator, you may have developed tunnel vision and be focusing on working “in” the business rather than “on” the business. Feedback from an outside professional will help you to avoid being manipulated or distracted from your original business goals. Vivienne helps you focus on achieving your objectives, such as:

  • Delivering an authentic experience
  • Preventing burnout
  • Engaging and retaining staff and customers
  • Consistently delivering quality
  • Increasing sales and services
  • Profitability


How does the coaching program work?

I offer you a complimentary 30-minute chat so you can share your needs and we can decide if working together in coaching sessions would be a good fit for both of us.

We set up coaching calls (using Zoom) every two weeks at a time that suits both of us. Before each call, you send Vivienne an outline of your most pressing issues. During the session we look at your issues and we discuss practical actions and steps to achieve your business objectives.  Together we define specific tasks for you to work on until the next call.  It is essential these tasks are followed and completed in order to gain maximum results from the program.


How can I get more information?

Email Vivienne to ask about a coaching session. ​You’re also welcome to leave a voicemail: 604-921-6245.



“Vivienne O’Keeffe has been my coach and mentor for over a decade, supporting me on my business and personal journey, always grounding my thought processes and decision- making in truth, integrity, and honesty. Vivienne’s unique combination of vision, business acumen, and spirituality has been integral in the success of my business, supporting its alignment and development with the essence of who I am, enabling me to be authentic in my service delivery.” ~ Rachel Foster


“Vivienne is AWESOME, she is a genuinely caring person and she goes the distance for her clients. Experience and knowledge shows, and she has both experience and knowledge. Her insights, advice, support and counsel have made a difference in my business. I strongly recommend Vivienne!” ~ Barry Lucas


“I had the good fortune of meeting Vivienne O’Keefe twenty one years ago when my skincare clinic was in its infancy. From that day forward Vivienne has been, in so many ways, my secret sage providing me with consult, support and advice. Her experience in skin care and wellness is a deep and rich well of wisdom to draw from. Vivienne is committed to providing outstanding quality to all of her services including education in wellness. Vivienne has always provided my clients and I trustworthy, confidential, and wholistic guidance. I would highly recommend Vivienne’s counsel.” ~ Brenda Sawatsky, About Face Skin Care

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