Natural skincare product development

Natural skincare product development

Skincare product development – where to start?

Developing a skincare product requires artistry mixed with a good dose of expertise and an understanding of the science of skincare. I have been developing skincare brands since 1990 and have a passion for creating professional lines with ethically sourced natural ingredients.

As a trained skin and aroma therapist, I select each ingredient for its ability to contribute to therapeutic results and the sensations that clients demand, while avoiding adverse skin reactions.


What skincare products do wellness consumers want?

Wellness clients and spa goers tend to be conscious consumers, seeking high-quality products that deliver results. Firstly, they want products that contribute to their sense of wellbeing and self-care. Secondly, they look for ingredients that do no harm to themselves, the environment, or the people involved in harvesting and processing the raw materials.


Choosing a skincare product consultant

My experience in creating cosmeceutical brands – experiential, medical and environmentally protective –spans all areas of development. I and my team lead you through the complex process, helping you avoid pitfalls.


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