Expanding or Renovating Your Spa

Expanding or Renovating Your Spa


Expanding your spa or wellness facility – whether doubling it in size, opening a second location or renovating – requires careful strategic planning and rigorous attention to detail during the planning phase and beyond.


Strategic planning

Planning is the first thing you need to do before embarking upon a spa expansion; start the process by asking yourself some questions, for example:

  • Which direction do you want the spa to go in?
  • Is there a market for what you want to do? Is it profitable?
  • How will the expansion impact your current operation?
  • If the answers are yes, do you need to expand or renovate?


Business expansion, change and growth

Proceeding with any level of expansion requires commitment to the plan, and an understanding that the changes, once begun, cannot be undone. Expansion will change your wellness or spa business in one of two ways. On the one hand, if you are not well organized now and are experiencing problems, growth can cripple you as the problems expand with your business. On the other hand, if you carefully planned the change, it will strengthen your business.


How we can help

Our expertise in the spa expansion and renovation process will guide your planning by asking the right questions in the right order and, most importantly, we can alert you to opportunities and pitfalls which you may be unaware of.

As an objective third party we help you to make clear decisions and sift through the many conflicting influences that come into play, such as the opinions of others or the allure of a hot new trend you hear about.

We help you make sense of current trends and identify new directions such as the increasingly ubiquitous desire for wellness. Today’s spa consumers are sophisticated and discerning, and it is essential your expansion plans take your future spa guests into account while also choosing a direction that aligns with your core strengths, as this will deepen your impact in your niche market.

Based on a needs assessment, the following financial aspects may be considered:

  • Financial forecasts, models and scenario analysis for business planning and decision making.
  • Creating compensation structures, specific to the industry, that align your team’s interests with your business goals.
  • Creating efficient back-office processes that provide the necessary financial controls and powerful information to drive your business forward.    
  • Preparing pricing strategies that align with guest/client care.
  • Inventory management systems and optimized ordering processes.

Once planning is done, we help you with its implementation and the quality system upgrades required – such as policies, procedures and protocols – to support the expansion and new growth. We can assist you with every detail right up to relaunch day and beyond.


For more information on expanding or renovating your spa or wellness facility, contact Vivienne to discuss your ideas and see how we can help you.

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