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Spa consultant on site with a bag of tools

Vivienne O’Keeffe does what few other spa consultants do. She gets the job done by being with her clients where the action is – on site. Her bag of tools includes over 30 years’ experience in all areas of the industry; a fierce commitment to see visions become reality; a passion for curating structures that facilitate growth, sustainability and quality; and the ability to develop systems that grow a business till it and its people thrive.

“Her understanding of the industry and leadership skills are second to none. She brings such a wealth of experience and is able to teach it in an inspiring and empowering way. We renovated, re-branded, changed our spa culture, added in spa systems, certified in Spa Quality (ISO 9000 standard) grew the business substantially year over year and turned our spa into profitability. If you are a new owner, re-branding, re-building, or need to turn over a new leaf, look no further she is one of the best in the industry and will add great value to your business,” says Jen Spencer from award-winning Sante Spa Victoria, when talking of their 7-year working relationship with Vivienne.

Vivienne’s specialty is curating unique guest experiences and journeys, underpinned by quality systems that encourage sustainability and growth while helping mitigate risk to spa owners and spa guests. She was been a member of the Standards and Practices Committee for the Spa Industry Association of Canada since its inception, a co-contributor to ISPA’s Risk Management for Spas online course (2007), co-developer of the quality assurance program for Leading Spas of Canada (multi-year project), and contributing author to Retail Management for Spas international publication (2005). Leading Spas of Canada acknowledged Vivienne with an Outstanding Achievement Award in 2001, 2005 and 2012.


Qualifications: Vivienne O’Keeffe

    • Oncology Aesthetics Foundation Training (2016)
    • Understanding and Improving Spa Quality Systems (2011)
    • Spa Quality Certified Consultant (2005)
    • Physical Education Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1987) – Exercise & Health accreditation (PEA). Thesis “Cellulite”
    • Confederation of International Beauty Therapy (1985) – Honours diploma in body and facial therapy and electrolysis (CIBTAC)
    • Clinical Aromatherapy Certification (1985)
    • International Advanced Esthetics Diploma (1985) – Honours diploma in advanced body and face therapy, heat and light therapy, electrotherapy and lymphatic drainage. First prize for thesis “Aromatherapy” (AAD)

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