Spa Profits Consulting

Vivienne O’Keeffe AAD, PEA, CIBTA Founder and CEO

Vivienne O’Keeffe AAD, PEA, CIBTA
Founder and CEO


Spas are wonderful for improving the health and well-being of customers, but how about the owners’ bottom lines? Is your spa’s balance sheet shimmering with vitality, or fading like old parchment?

At Spa Profits Consulting Inc., as spa industry-specific consultants, we have specialized in creating profitability in commercial spa operations since 1994 – both existing and new; from concept to opening celebrations and daily spa operations. As spa consultants, we have shown our many clients across Canada, the United States and Asia how to grow spa profit margins by improving spa systems, enriching spa mission statements and philosophies, nurturing the spa’s cultural authenticity, and developing spas as legitimately recognized health and leisure social resources. Our overarching consultancy experience in facilitating spa development on a wide range of types, sizes and spa locations is available from our spa consultants for your benefit. We can develop a custom business plan for your spa, help you open a spa and build your spa business into a profitable enterprise.