Spa China Wellness Summit 2023

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Spa China Wellness Summit 2023

I am honoured to have been asked again this year to present at the Spa China Wellness Summit 2023, taking place at the Ritz Carlton, Harbin, China.

This year’s brief is “Integrating Mental Wellness Concepts & Treatments”, a subject in which I am deeply invested. I am presenting on behalf of the Mental Wellness Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute, led by Prof. Gerry Bodeker. As members of the Mental Wellness Initiative, we disseminate at every opportunity the message of mental wellness in the spa setting, a concept ever more important as people all over the world deal with eroded mental wellness following the pandemic.

Humans instinctively gravitate towards places and people where they can find healing for grief, diminished self-image due to loss of work and income, and hope for a future in which we all care about preservation of the precious resources and creatures in the world surrounding us. A calming and nurturing spa setting, staffed with a team that care about these ideals and who will gently care for the guests that visit, can go a long way to assisting people’s healing.


  1. Bonjour Vivienne,
    Always a pleasure to read you. Very important topic indeed!
    Congrats for the continued great work!

    • The Spa China summit was a fantastic success, thank you for your encouragement.

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