ēcōMD – Clean, Conscious Skincare

Posted by on September 24, 2021 in Projects

ēcōMD – Clean, Conscious Skincare

Two of the things I care most about in life are the environment and the protective mantle of our bodies: our skin. That’s why consulting on the new ēcōMD skincare line has been such a joy. Everything from its carefully selected ingredients to its manufacturing practices and packaging are laser-focused on producing a range of products that not only work exceptionally well but are also exceptionally kind to human health by protecting hormonal and immune systems – and protective of the planet. Add in the expertise and experience of Doctors Jaggi and Namita Rao, and the result is a line that I expect will be widely adopted by dermatologists, skincare professionals and health-conscious users.



“Vivienne is experienced in all aspects of skincare product development, including having a wealth of knowledge of product ingredients. She brought the confidence and attention to detail we needed to create a highly effective skincare line. It has been a pleasure to work with her.” –  Drs Jaggi and Namita Rao

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