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Spa directors share thoughts on making a way through the pandemic

Posted by on May 21, 2020 in Blog

Spa directors share thoughts on making a way through the pandemic

Spa Inc. magazine interviews Vivienne O’Keeffe of Spa Profits Consulting and directors of prominent Canadian spas in May 2020, who share forward-thinking steps they are taking during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic. As government guidelines required immediate shutdowns in March 2020, the spa industry was suddenly thrown into uncharted territory. Writer Wendy Helfenbaum asks, “how can an industry based on human touch operate without significant upheaval in our “new normal” of physical distancing?”

Industry expert O’Keeffe states, “This is the time to bring more value to your clients, and give them strategies to deal with the situation. It’s the innovators who will come out of this stronger, not the operators who have gone silent. Now is the time to really cement that personalized relationship and build the trust with your clientele while staying committed to your brand message, because they’re looking for hope.”

Read the full article to find out how spa directors are engaging with clients and employees; keeping spa alive until reopening time.

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