Spa virtual bookkeeping

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Spa virtual bookkeeping

I have great news for spa owners and operators who have been desperately seeking a sustainable way to take care of bookkeeping and accounting needs!

With delight, I introduce you to Janet Carmichael Professional Corporation, an accounting and bookkeeping company with a mission to relieve spa business owners of the stress and time it takes to manage their bookkeeping and payroll.

Many small businesses view their bookkeeping as something necessary for filing income taxes. While this is true, bookkeeping can be a valuable source of information for decision making. With Janet’s spa expertise, Number Connections can anticipate your requirements and make sure information is ready at your finger tips for decision making.

To use bookkeeping for decision making, it needs to be:

  • set up with end reporting in mind
  • current and accessible

Janet and her team are focused on creating efficient, paperless systems and utilizing software and apps to their maximum potential – allowing them to work with you in whatever part of Canada your business is located. With Number Connections’ fixed price model, you will know exactly what your bookkeeping will cost each month allowing for certainty in your budgeting.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Janet directly for 9 years and congratulate her on this new endeavour – a much-needed solution for the Canadian spa industry.


  1. Janet is the top of class in professional spa accouting and bookeeping . Her experience allows you to know your accounting needs are impectably managed and accurate. She is outstaning , tustworthy and extreamly knowledgeable.
    Her experience is second to none !

  2. This is a very informative and useful post! thanks for sharing!

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