Spa types

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Spa types

Many people ask me what types of spas there are. My answer; there are as many spa types as there are varieties of trees.

I made a list of some spa types to help you decide which to visit for your birthday treat or which will best suit your desires and your pocket. Or you may be thinking of opening a spa

Day spas

include local neighbourhood, airport and mobile spas. Typically, they offer services such as skincare, massage, manicures and pedicures on a day-use basis. A retail boutique component is an important complement to the treatments offered.


Medical spas

operate medically supervised services for example Botox, fillers, peels, laser hair removal and other energy-based device treatments. Professionally delivered spa services such as skincare, massage, pressure therapy, therapeutic foot and hand treatments often form part of the program. And complementing cosmeceutical products are sold for home care.


Resort, hotel, boutique hotel, bed-and-breakfast and destination spas

– such as farms, ranches and wilderness – are often called stay-spas, as business and leisure guests frequently stay the night as part of the experience. Guest amenities – aromatherapy steam, sauna, pools and spa cuisine for example – are fundamental to the experience. The spa services, given by professionals, include massage, skincare, manicures, pedicures, wellness, fitness, yoga and meditation. A boutique and gift shop will retail skincare, bodycare and leisure wear.


Mineral springs and water spas

may offer their facilities for day-use or as a stay-spa. Water spas‘ therapeutic and experiential hydrotherapy treatment programs are based around a water source that may be, for example, thermal, sea or mineral water. Chromo and sound resonance therapy may be woven into the therapeutic program.


Wellness community spas

are a fundamental part of a wellness community which seeks to address our needs on a physical, social, environmental, economic, mental, emotional and spiritual basis. A wellness community is an integrated community where each aspect interlocks to form a solid foundation of vibrant wellbeing for humans, other animals and plants.


As I said, there are many spas to pick from. These are just a few to help you find the right one for you.

And it seems that almost every day a new hybrid spa is born, for example, I think we will see more yoga spas in the near future.

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