The strengths of a spa consultant

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The strengths of a spa consultant

Someone recently asked me, what are my strengths as a spa consultant? As an introvert I find it hard to speak about myself, though in business we do have to explain what sets us apart, so here it is: my depth of experience in the trenches in the broad spectrum of the wellness industry has given me a keen understanding of what is required to make a spa wellness business successful. 

I grew up living above a hair, skin and wellness spa in Ireland and my hands-on operational experience extends from fixing lymphatic drainage machines to talking about business around the kitchen table, so if you have a problem to solve, I can certainly empathize and will definitely have a solution for you. One of my biggest personal strengths is to focus on the details above and beyond. The littlest things can have a profound effect on the team, clients and the success of the spa.

I will stick with you through all manner of situations until you succeed. On your behalf I continuously expand my knowledge while the industry rapidly evolves, exploring worldwide for the latest in technology and cutting-edge products. I have an insatiable hunger for research, and curiosity to discover how technological innovations can transform our lives.

When I began working in this field, the spa industry in North America was in its youth. There were not enough seasoned spa professionals to fill all of the positions being created as more spas popped up in the phenomenal growth phase. My consulting practice grew organically as I guided others to success early on through my extensive experience in the spa, wellness and skincare industry. 

Nowadays my reason for being is to help people in the spa and wellness business who are endeavouring to bring their vision or operation into a place of wholeness and serenity. Starting out in the spa business, you will need a compassionate listening ear and you will also need someone who believes in you, even when you do not believe in yourself; someone who can push you forward to achieve all that you are capable of. My unusual skill set includes both compassion and firmness; I can help move you forward with experience and confidence to achieve your dreams.

I believe we can do so much good together and am fully committed to helping my client’s inner yearnings to take form. I’m blessed that Spa Profits grew from a need as it gives me the opportunity to work with kindred spirits – on projects that make a difference. Please connect if you would like help with moving forward on your spa wellness project.


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by Vivienne O’Keeffe

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