Meridian Day Spa

Posted by on March 5, 2013 in Projects

Meridian Day Spa

Meridian Day Spa in Fort McMurray, Alberta requested Spa Profits to do its site assessment; business plan; and complete spa development, from concept to fruition.

“From the initial phone consultation, Vivienne and her associates literally took us by the hand and led us, step by step, through the great unknowns of opening our first day spa. Starting with the development of our concept and turning it into reality was truly amazing.

“Vivienne, along with her team, produced such a work of art that taking the business plan to the bank was truly invigorating (the bank loved the business plan so much they did not want to return it). With the finances secured relatively easily, the spa layout and equipment procurements were equally painless.

“Not only did they have ideas on how the layout should look, they listened very carefully to us and to what we wanted the end product to look like.

“With continued support throughout construction, all the way to personally training the staff, Spa Profits helped us succeed in creating a very successful business. We are working on setting up a second location, and Vivienne O’Keeffe, along with her very capable associates, are right by our sides. They are a great asset; we are using them now and we will be using them in the future.” — James Gutzke, Owner

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