body blitz — health by water

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body blitz — health by water

body blitz, Canada’s first water spa, engaged Spa Profits for full development of its 11,000 square foot facility and skin care product line.

Says Laura Polley, Owner and President, “I was introduced to Vivienne O’Keeffe through a phone call when I first presented my vision for body blitz. Although careful to perform her due diligence, Vivienne dived into the concept of body blitz with incredible vision and experience. Vivienne and her team at Spa Profits Inc. have been fundamental in building body blitz. Through her extensive knowledge of spa procedures, policies and staff training, body blitz opened with an incredibly experienced, confident staff.

“From the inception to every aspect of the procedures and policies of the spa, she has set the standard which body blitz will always follow. Her value is priceless, and I, as the owner of body blitz, will continue to include Vivienne O’Keeffe in all my current and future plans. Thank you, Vivienne!”


Awards and recognition for body blitz

Top 25 Spas in Canada – Canadian Spa & Wellness Award 2018


body blitz

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